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Chinese Christian Bible Bookstore 

Chinese Christian Products in Mandarin and other languages

Total: 175 Pages

5 1/2" X 8 1/4"

paperback book

and one cassette tape

or MP3

Printed in Simplified Chinese, English and Pinyin


Good News Reader

對不懂中文但卻有興趣學的讀者, 這是套實用的輔讀本。175 Pages.

The Good News Reader is a great aid to all who are learning Chinese. Not only is it good for all those who have studied the language, but is also good for beginners. This book now includes the MP3 disk of all of the audio sections of the book.

A text book and an audio cassette tape on how to explain the Good News to Chinese people in Mandarin Chinese.  It is designed for English speaking people to spread the Gospel to the Chinese people.

A great book and tape!

Price: $5.25 (book only)

Price: $5.25 (cassette tape)

Price: $7.95 (book & MP3)

Qty. book only

Qty. cassette tape

Qty. book & MP3