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Chinese Christian Bookstore


Print: English & Simplified Chinese

Back Hardcover

Price: $35.95  5 3/4" X 8 5/8"


Inside Page



Leather Cover w Zipper

Print: English & Simplified Chinese  




Price: $45.50 - Compact - 5 1/2" X 7 5/8"

Price: $49.95 - Regular - 6 1/4" X 9"


Qty. Simplified Chinese/English - Hardcover - Black


Qty. Simplified Chinese/English - Compact Leather - Black


Qty. Simplified Chinese/English - Regular Leather -Blue/Green


Qty. Simplified Chinese/English - Regular Leather - Black


Qty. Simplified Chinese/English - Regular Leather - Tan (color as shown in the top picture)



Bilingual NCV/ESV Compact Bible

中英聖經 - 新譯本‧ESV


Chinese: New Chinese Version

English: English Standard Version

This old and new testament bible is printed in English and Simplified/Traditional Chinese. The translation in Chinese uses the daily conversational expression of Chinese, rather than the more formal old fashion written Chinese. The English translation is English Standard Version.

聖經是神的話語,English Standard Bible(簡稱ESV)在翻譯原則上與《聖經新譯本》不謀而合,兩者皆是結合準確、易讀和文字優美三大特色於一身的譯本,成果得到中外學者和牧者認同,同樣切合廿一世紀信徒的屬靈需要。現代口語化聖經  簡體字印刷   適合國內兄弟姊妹使用


Front View


Side View


English & Traditional Chinese

Back Hardcover or Leather Cover

Price: $28.95 Traditional Hardcover (5" X 7 1/2")

Price: $44.95 Traditional Leather w Zipper (5 3/8" X 8")

Qty. Traditional Chinese/English - Hardcover

Qty. Traditional Chinese/English - Leather w Zipper

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