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Chinese Christian Bible Bookstore

Total: 191 Pages

6 1/4 " X 8 "

paperback book

Printed in Simplified Chinese

Understanding Bible


- by John Stott

本書作者全面勾畫出聖經的主要課題和段落,透過彩畫、地圖及其他文獻資料,幫助讀者深入的瞭解聖經的核心耶穌基督所處時代的地理、宗教和歷史背景來開擴讀者的眼界。 191 Pages.

This book describes who wrote the Bible, its main message, and what is the proper interpretation of the Bible. It also gives the geographical and historical background. The many photographs, maps, and other features further aid the reader. This introduction to the entire Bible is helpful for lay readers, students, and others.

A great book!

Price: $9.88 (Simplified Chinese)