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 - 90 minutes

《神州》精華版 國語 (1片裝)

Audio: Mandarin Narration

Subtitle: English & Chinese

The TV Serial "Shen Zhou" -- The Land of God has seven titles. A brief summary of each title is as follows:

I. The Search for the Roots

II. The Betrayal

III. The Big Fall

IV. The Light of the Tao

V. The West Heaven

VI. The Fire Phoenix

VII. The Blue

This (90 minutes) is an abbreviated version of the TV serial (7 hours).

第一集 寻根 展现了失落已久的神州前两千五百年敬虔道统和奇妙传说。

第二集 背叛 展现了春秋时代令人难以置信的历史演变。

第三集 大沉沦 展现了神州后两千五百年自残自虐的坎坷命运。

第四集 道光 展现了中国人自省自救的暗昧和天道之光的辉煌。

第五集 西天 展现了中国与西方最宝贵的初次接触和心灵深处的对话。

第六集 火凤凰 展现了鸦片战争以来中国人的困惑、挣扎和痛苦寻索。

第七集 蔚蓝色 展现了短短五十年来的惨痛教训、今日深藏的危机和出路


China's Confession - Shen Zhou!


The Abridged Gospel Edition

"Shen Zhou"--The Land of God

Audio: Mandarin Narration

Subtitle: English & Chinese

This (90 minutes) is an abbreviated version of the TV serial (7 hours). China's Confession (Abridged Version with English and Chinese Subtitles) DVD in Mandarin 


"Shen Zhou" --The Land of God, a TV serial, explores deeply into the journey of faith in 5000 years that China had taken. It tries to establish the validity of a series of important historical facts of China - the Land of God, upon careful examination and study. Among them are:

Many ancient Chinese legends either match or are connected to the writings of human history recorded in the first eleven chapters of the Bible;

For the first 2500 years of its history, China had a holy tradition of revering the heaven, obeying the Tao, and fearing God; It was during the era of Spring and Autumn (6th B.C.), that a complete betrayal of God took place, in which the dragon played a mysterious role;

In the following 2500 years, as the emperors (recognized as the sons of dragon) took the place of God, China sank into a history of human reign, self-exploitation and self-infliction; There has been two truths in China: historical truth (mutual killing) and cultural truth (rituals and morals);

Chinese philosophies, with the exception of that of Lao Zi, all base on the self- awakening and self-salvation of humanity and hence are helpless; The good eras in Chinese history, Wen-jing, Guang-wu, Zheng-guan, and Kai-yuan, were all eras when Lao Zi's philosophy were practiced;

The Tao of Lao Zi takes its root in the tradition of Ancient China and is connected to the Tao(God's Word) in the Bible; At the end of Ming dynasty and the beginning of Qing dynasty, the missionaries of God had tried to bring China into a modern world civilization;

The Opium War, which brought humiliation and suffering to China, was the real beginning of Chinese modernization; China has been trying to dissolve the vital unity of western economy, science and technology, politics, and faith, with the sole purpose of obtaining wealth, ignoring the spirit that came with in;

Till this day, in their endeavor to understand both Chinese civilization and Western civilization, no Chinese leaders can surpass Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's, whose political failure lies in that his ideas were ahead of his time; Wealth, power, and democracy will not keep China from turmoil and suffering, if she does not return to the faith in God.

Audio: Mandarin Narration

Subtitle: English & Chinese


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