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Languages: Mandarin Chinese




God's Story - From Creation To Eternity

A great way...

  • to gain a feel for the whole Bible in one sitting.

  • to communicate the Gospel to someone whose language you do not speak.

  • to have a resource that all age groups and cultures can enjoy.

Using a chronological presentation from Genesis to Revelation, God's Story is an outstanding and dramatic introductory overview of the entire Bible.   The stories and prophecies of the Old Testament lay a firm foundation for understanding the life of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

It combines the effective method of storytelling, the use of artistic materpieces, live footage and special effects.  God's Story is a production that bridges age groups and cultures and it is good for evangelizing or discipling.  The Bible characters are brought alive by multi-talented Walt Disney stars, Actor Dean Jones and Artist Norm McGary.

Price: $8.99 (Mandarin)