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43 Minutes


Audio: Mandarin

Subtitle: Chinese

Quite Practicing Chi Kong (VHS Tape)


Mr. Chen-Ming Lee has been very lucky and successful in his life and owns his own business. One day, he started to practice Chi Kong hoping to find cure to his allergy on flower pollens. His allergy was cured. However, he realizes that he is controlled by some evil sprit which he can not drive away. He suffers a lot.

Finally, he prayed to God and said: "Dear Jesus! If you were the true God, you must know I am searching for you. I need to feel your existence in order to believe in you."

Suddenly, the evil Chi surrounded in his belly exploded and he was so moved and broke to tears for 2 and half hours..... Since then, he has given numerous testimony about God and what wonderful changes had happened in his life ....

Price: $15.95