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50 Minutes


EC Version: English audio and Chinese Subtitle

MC Version: Mandarin audio and Chinese Subtitle

Revelation Illustrated (VHS Tape)


Experience the Book of Revelation as Jesus gave it to the Apostle John . . . VISUALLY! In Revelation Illustrated you not only hear the dramatic narration of the scripture, but you also see the visions John describes. Hear the thunder and the singing of the angels! expert editing and computer generated special effects make this a breathtaking visual adventure.

The mood of each moment is enhanced by a fully orchestrated sound track of classical music by Handel, Mozart, Holst, and others. It is performed by the musicians of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh. Also included is a short interview with the artist on the creation of the art and the making of the video.

Price: $25.95 (EC Version)

Price: $25.95 (MC Version)

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Qty. MC Version