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Mandarin Chinese


Melody of Praise


This tape contains 14 hymn songs :

  1. 唯有你 Only You
  2. 一件禮物 A Gift
  3. 為了愛 For Love
  4. 真平安 True Peace
  5. 活出主的愛 Live Out The Love of The Lord
  6. 良人屬我 The Bridegroom Belongs to me
  7. 等候我王 Waiting For Our King
  8. 相約在主裡 Meet in The Lord
  9. 真神之愛 Love of The True God
  10. 雅歌 Song of Songs
  11. 在這個時刻 At The Moment
  12. 無聲的贊美 Silent Praise
  13. 我若能說天使的話語 If I Could Speak Tongues of Angels
  14. 有人在為你禱告 Someone is Praying For You


Price: $2.50 - CD

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