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Total: 234 Pages

5 1/4" X 8 1/4"

paperback book

Printed in Simplifiedl Chinese


90 Minutes in Heaven



英文版 《去過天堂90 分鐘》已連續超過100 週被列入 《紐約時報》十大暢銷書名單,目前已售出300萬冊。侵信會傳道人唐派普被認定死亡已90分鐘後, 卻奇跡般地復活,本書是他對此事件前後經歷的一個小傳。基督使者協會大陸文字事工部現出版發行本書的中文簡體字版。

凡讀過此書的人都認為它有很大的說服力, 對於那些華人世界的無神論者而言,本書可使他們再度思考無神論主義是否成立。里程,《遊子吟》的作者,曾是無神論者。因讀《生死之間》大受啟發。後成為基督徒。本書和《生死之間》有許多相似之處。它鼓勵基督徒將他們的盼望放在天家。本書給那些在生活中經歷各種疾苦的人帶來了莫大的幫助。唐在書中探索了上帝放在人間苦難背後的目的。讀者可以把唐在車禍後的苦難與他在天堂的喜樂經歷做個比較。同樣對那些因為拒絕上帝而不能進天堂的人們,所遭受的苦難與唐的車禍之苦是不可同日而語。

This version of the account of a Baptist preacher who was pronounced dead and 90 minutes later was alive, has been published in simplified script Chinese.  AFC MC Lit. Ministry is the primary distributor.  With more than 3 million copies of the English version sold, it has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for over 100 weeks, and often in the top ten. 

Virtually everyone who reads it says it is a very convincing account.  For materialists from and in China, it should make them doubt their assumptions.  Li Cheng, author of Song of a Wanderer, as a materialist scientist came to Christ greatly helped by a similar book on near death experiences, Beyond Deaths Door.   90 Minutes in Heaven is also an encouragement for believers about their future home.  It is also a help to those who suffer as Piper explores Godís purposes in the suffering he encountered on returning to his body.  One can draw the parallel of this suffering contrasted with the joy he experienced at the gate of heaven, to the suffering that awaits a person who rejects Godís offer of heaven and spends eternity banished from Godís blessing.  It is a sobering contrast for all of us, and for all we meet.

A great book!

Price: $7.50 (Simplified Chinese)