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283 Pages

paperback book

2 books in one

CE Version: 1st half in Chinese; 2ns half in English

Lena Maria Story (2 Books in One)

This is a great book for Chinese American families! Parents can read the book in Chinese and children can read it in English. Then, the whole families may have a discussion on the same miracle story!

Lena Maria was born in 1968 in Sweden. She learned to swim at 3, learned to embroider at 4, finished her first work of embroidery at 5, learned to sew and finish her first self made dress at middle school.

She represent Sweden in national swimming team at 15. She won the world's gold medal of swimming at 18.

Got her driver's license at 19, majored in music at University and became the world famous singer with eight CD albums.

Can you imagine this talented girl was born without two arms, and her one leg is only half the length of the other? It is a story about miracle and hope!

A great book!

Price: $12.95 (CE Version)