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Stream of Praise - Live Worship

Live Praise Album

讚美之泉 LIVE 實況錄音

每一年的亞洲巡迴,讚美之泉的禱告是求 神使用我們成為祂祝福的管道。而在服事的過程當中,我們不單單被 神摸著,更是在聚會當中深深的被弟兄姊妹合一的敬拜而感動。

在2002 年的香港巡迴中,每一場都有將近2500位弟兄姊妹一同敬拜。在六月的時候,當我們得知將近8000張的票在一小時內全部賣完的消息,我們感受到眾人對 神的那份渴慕,而且 神已經開始動工了。

在敬拜的現場有好幾次我們都感動的流下眼淚。在香港的最後一場,也是巡迴的第24場,許多團員的聲音幾乎沒有了。一面唱一面咳,一面唱一面用破掉的聲音呼喊,毫無保留地獻給 神。雖然有一些得回到洛杉磯後補錄,但我們知道這張專輯目的是要彰顯 神的榮耀。主角是 神,而台上台下是合一的配角,一起同心合意地回應 神的愛。


On every Asia tour, our prayer is that we may become His channels of blessing. We are not only touched by God during the events, but we are also deeply touched by the unity of the brother and sisters as we all worship together.

At the Hong Kong events in 2002, we had over 2500 people packing the auditorium at each of the meetings. In June, we sold out 8000 event tickets within one hour. We really felt people's hunger for God, and He performed a mighty work of revival amongst His people.

We shed tears during many of our worship events. At the last event in Hong Kong, which was also the 24th event of that tour, most of our members have already lost their voices. We coughed as sang, and wholeheartedly shouted with shouts of joy to God with our broken voices. But we all had a common goal in mind and that is to glory Him through this album. He is the object of our adoration, and we are just responding to His call of love upon our lives.

This CD comes with a bonus VCD which includes recording from Praise & Worship Events in Taipei and Tainan. Songs Include:

1. My Love To You Will Never Change
2. There Is A God
3. Listen to My Heart
4. Wings of the Dawn
5. Glory To You

我們的盼望,是將那份敬拜的震撼、對 神的熱情,記錄在這張專輯裡與你們分享。這張CD或許雖小,但當你們閉上眼睛、同心開口敬拜時,你會發覺你也在那眾多天使中,在 神的寶座前敬拜。

讓我們將這最美的敬拜,合一的敬拜,獻給愛我們的 神。

買CD附贈VCD光碟! 包括台北 & 台南實況錄影


1. 我對你的愛永不變
2. 有一位神
3. 傾聽我的心
4. 展開清晨的翅膀
5. 榮耀都歸你


1 開場 Opening
2 如果你想知道 If You Want To Know
3 讓讚美飛揚 Let Praise Arise
4 我對你的愛永不變 My Love To You Will Never Change
5 全能的創造主 Wonderful Creator
6 我的心你要稱頌耶和華 Praise the Lord, O My Soul
7 有一位神 There Is a God
8 我心要稱謝耶和華 My Heart Will Praise the Lord
9 更深渴幕你 Deeper Longing
10  分享 Sharing
11 展開清晨的翅膀 Wings Of The Dawn
12 耶穌,我的耶穌 Jesus, My Jesus
13 傾聽我的心 Listen To My Heart
14 天堂在我心 Heaven Is In My Heart
15 榮耀都歸你 Glory To You
16 願你國降臨 Your Kingdom Come
17 我一生要讚美你  I Will Praise You All My Life
18 進入你的同在  Into Your Presence
19 認識你真好 It's Good To Know You
20 讚美之泉 Stream of Praise


Price: $16.50