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17 songs

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A New You



(CD or tape)

藉著十字架,藉著復活,使人類有永生的盼望,從主而來的生命是充滿馨香; 高聲宣揚, 盡情歡唱,且讓你我以感激稱謝的心充滿生活之中,用嶄新的信心齊唱著「全新的你」..,

God granted us life. And we follow the life of Jesus Christ's. We've gathered together to celebrate the new century. A whole new you, a whole new us. We invite you to celebrate with us.


1. 天堂在我心 3'35'' 

   Heaven Is In My Heart

2. 全新的你 5'40''

   A New You

3. 序曲 2'30''

   Worship Prelude

4. 坐在寶座上的羔羊 4'57''

    The Holy Lamb on the Throne

5. 榮耀都歸你 2'57''

    Glory To You

6. 坐在寶座上的羔羊 (Reprise) 0'46''

   The Holy Lamb on the Throne (Reprise)

7. 榮耀都歸你 (Reprise) 1'37''

   Glory To You (Reprise)

8. 進入你的同在序曲 1'10''

   Into Your Presence Prelude

9. 進入你的同在 6'13''

    Into Your Presence

10. 我一生要讚美你 4'52''

      I Will Praise You All My Life

11. 年歲的冠冕 4'54''

     The Crown of Ages

12. 耶和華你是我的神 4'00''

    Jehovah, You Are My God

13. 耶穌愛你 4'05''

     Jesus Loves You

14. 彼此相愛 5'05''

    Love One Another

15. 把冷漠變成愛 4'15''

    Fill Our Hearts with Love

[CD Bonus Track]
16. 我主我的神 4'38''

     My Lord, My God   

17. 天堂在我心 (Unplugged) 3'48''

     Heaven Is In My Heart (Unplugged)

長達: 65.14 分鐘
出版日期: 七月 2000


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