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Chinese Christian Hymn Songs - Stream of Praise

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Covenant Under the Rainbow - Chinese Christian Hymn Songs

15 songs

CD or Cassette tape



Stream of Praise CD


Covenant Under the Rainbow - Chinese Christian Hymn Songs



CD or tape  - Stream of Praise


We are all searching. You may be someone at the crossroads of beliefs. May this music be a bridge that will bring you closer to finding God. We invite you to to search with your heart for God with us. Stream of Praise
1. 彩虹下的約定 4'00'' 

   Covenant Under the Rainbow

2. 尋找 3'36''


3. 這是耶和華所定的日子 3'01''

   This Is the Day

4. 一切歌頌讚美 3'28''
   Praise the Lord
5. 天父的愛子 4'30''

   Father's Beloved Child

6. 賜我自由 5'43''

   Grant Me Freedom

7. 我對你的愛永不變 5'04''

   My Love For You Will Never Change

8. 愛我願意 6'18''

   I Receive Your Love

9. 是耶穌 4'33''

    It's Jesus

10. 激起生命的浪花 4'20''

     Journey Thru the Waves

11. 與你有約 3'24''

    The Promise

12. 馨香晚祭 6'12''

    The Evening Sacrifice

13. 一世人跟隨你 4'45''

    I Will Follow You All My Life

[CD Bonus Track]
14. 耶穌恩友 4'48''

     What a Friend We Have in Jesus

15. 彩虹下的約定[POP] 2'55''
Covenant Under the Rainbow (POP)
長達: 66.17 分.
出版日期: 五月 1999

Stream of Praise


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Stream of Praise CD

Stream of Praise CD