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15 songs

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Jehovah's Blessings Abound



(CD or tape)

從成立讚美之泉到第四年,我們看見神如何讓讚美的音符飛揚在世界各地, 我們才明白原來在讚美中,神要摸著神國的子民,我們將體會,換成感恩的頌讚,是一幅祝福滿滿的畫面﹕悠閑的鷺鷥,雪白的百合,豐收的農莊和讚美的歌聲, 是否這就是我們所嚮往的呢?在這張專輯中,我們邀請您們一起來獻上感恩。

God desires so much to touch people all over the world through praise and worship. We are so thankful for God's abundant blessings. We invite you to give thanks to the Lord with us.

1. 序曲 2'08''    Prelude
2. 主賜福如春雨 3'03'' 

   Rain of Blessings

3. 你們要讚美耶和華 1'57''

   Praise the Lord All Ye People

4. 快樂頌 1'22''

   Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

5. 你們要讚美耶和華 (Reprise) 1'21''

   Praise the Lord All Ye People (Reprise)

6. 愛喜樂生命 4'31''

   Love, Joy, and Life

7. 除你以外 4'40''

   Whom Have I But You?

8. 耶和華祝福滿滿(台語)4'23''

   Jehovah's Blessings Abound(Taiwanese)

9. 組曲 - 祝福滿滿(演奏版)4'06''

    Medley of Blessings - Piano Solo

10. 認識你真好 4'10''

     It's Good To Know You

11. 舉目向山 4'43''

     I Lift Up My Eyes to the Mountains

12. 從今天起 4'14''

     From This Day On

13. 犧牲的愛 4'40''

     Sacrificial Love

14. 生命的凱歌 5'02''

      Victorious Life

15. 耶和華祝福滿滿(演奏版)4'22''

     Jehovah's Blessings Abound - Instrumental

長達: 55.02 分
出版日期: 四月 1997

Price: $15.00 (CD)

Price: $8.00 (Cassette Tape)

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