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CD with a Bonus DVD




Praise in The Desert




在這張專輯中, 我們唱出了在沙漠中對神堅定不移的讚美;雖然經過流淚谷,仍看見阿爸天父的慈愛,確信我們是祂的掌上明珠,是祂深愛的孩子,因而向祂獻上深深的敬拜。除此之外,【我們愛】是繼【最珍貴的角落】之後另一首朗朗上口的歌,唱出了神對我們的愛,更唱出了我們彼此相愛的心。【天父的花園】是首老少咸宜簡單易學的歌,小朋友尤其喜愛,將天父的愛唱入每一個家中;【賜福與你】讓你經歷從天上來滿滿的祝福,永不止息! 【翻轉地球】唱出年輕世代對神的熱情及回應祂的呼召;【世界之光】唱出耶穌是世界的盼望,祂的光照亮一切的黑暗。【我的天堂】及【耶和華靠近傷心的人】感人至深,動人美麗的弦樂勾繪出天堂的完美。十五首精選的歌曲, 每一首都有細膩的編曲和用心的製作, 邀請您與我們一同敬拜, 並讓神的同在及祂的喜樂與祝福不住充滿您!


This album presents songs of praise to the Lord even as we go through the desert journeys of our lives. Though we may walk through the valley of tears, we continue to see the Fatherís love for us. We remain His beloved children, the pearls on the palm of His hands.

The song We Love continues the theme of our previous album, Precious Corner. It sings of the love of God for us, and thus we ought to love everyone around us.

Fathers Garden is another favorite of both young and old. It is really easy to sing along and as you sing it, it will surely usher in the joy of God into your lives.

There are a total of 15 songs in this album. May His presence bless you and keep you as you listen and sing along each of every one of these beautiful songs.

This CD comes with a bonus DVD.


1 沙漠中的讚美
2 耶穌基督是主
3 我們愛
4 翻轉地球
5 來歡呼讚美
6 喜樂泉源
7 世界之光
8 阿爸天父
9 賜福與你
10 天父的花園
11 我要歌唱
12 祢的最愛
13 耶和華靠近傷心的人
14 掌上明珠
15 我的天堂


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