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Precious Corner




我們時常在敬拜中訴說神的聖潔,神的全能卻不常提及神的榮美我們的神 全然尊貴美麗在 “永遠尊貴” 專輯裡面,一覽無遺這張充滿恩膏的專輯收錄了對神的全心愛慕也收錄了澎湃的敬拜浪潮邀請您一同藉著敬拜,瞻仰神的榮美.

雖然我們看自己的時候時常是有缺陷,或是不完美但因為知道我們的神好美而我們又都是以祂榮美的形象所造 所以我們也可以是美麗的讓我們深入心中最珍貴的角落將心裡的話,毫無保留地,向神傾吐,訴說 “主你好美麗,祢造我們,也好美麗 ” 一起展開這個尋找內心珍貴角落的旅程吧!

Often when we look at ourselves, we see flaws and imperfection. But knowing our God is a beautiful God, and we are all created by Him, we can once again see ourselves as the beautiful ones. Let us visit our precious corner and confess our deepest love to God. “God, You are so beautiful. You made us beautiful!” Let us enjoy this journey of searching for the most precious corner of our hearts!

0   專愛  Your Love  
11   祢的愛  Precious Corner  
30   只因祢  One Love  
37   最珍貴的角落   Because of You  
46   哀哭變為跳舞  Mourning Into Dancing  
54   我要向高山舉目 Lift My Eyes Up To the Hills  
63   祢使我生命美麗  You Have Made My Life Beautiful  
72   生命的話語  Speak To Me  
80   耶穌的愛  The Love of Jesus  
89   因著十架  By the Cross  
97   勇敢走出去  Stepping Out  
104   祢永遠活著  Forever You Live  
111   選擇相信  I Choose To Believe  
120   神是我們的避難所  You Are the Refuge  


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