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15 songs


Simply Loving You


- Piano Album

- 鋼琴專輯

SOP's newest piano album, from 『Love Overflows』, 『Wings of the Dawn』 and 『Let Praise Arise』

1. Simply loving you 4'42''單單愛慕你
2. Revive Holiness 5'38'' 復興聖潔
3. My Sweet Jesus 3'46'' 我親愛的耶穌
4. Wings of the Dawn 5'41'' 展開清晨的翅膀
5. The Light of Your Grace 6'51''主的恩典乃是一生之久
6. Jesus, My Jesus 6'45'' 耶穌我的耶穌
7. Stream of Praise 4'33'' 讚美之泉
8. I Love You My Lord 3'48''我愛你我主
9. Call On Your Name 5'25''求告你名
10. Loved 4'32'' 被愛
11.Autumn Blessings 5'34'' 秋雨之福
12. Simply Loving You 4'51''單單愛慕你
13. Sacrificial Love 4'40''
14. Victorious Life 5'02''
15. Jehovah's Blessings Abound - Instrumental 4'22''
Total Minutes: 57.39 mins
Published on: December 2003

- 鋼琴專輯

Price: $15.00 (CD)

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