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15 songs

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Wings of The Dawn



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The orchestra slowly pours out love and adoration for Jesus. With delicate arrangements and complete participation of heart and soul, the whole album floats in a special anointing. In addition, Stream of Praise, for the first time presents a Cantonese praise and worship song "Revive Holiness". We invite you to fall in love with Jesus with us.

1. 序曲 -  我親愛的耶穌 2'59"  My Sweet Jesus
2. 復興聖潔 6'10" Revive Holiness
3. 耶穌超乎萬名之名 5'09"  Jesus, Name Above All Names
4. 展開清晨的翅膀 5'15"  Wings of the Dawn
5. 在你手中 3'44"  In Your Hands
6. 更深渴慕你 5'00"  Deeper Longing
7. 耶穌我的耶穌 5'39"  Jesus, My Jesus
8. 如果你想知道 4'51"   If You Want To Know
9. 我願觸動你心弦 5'45"  Lord, I Want to Touch Your Heart
10. 主禱文 5'17"  The Lord's Prayer
11. 萬國禱告的殿 6'29" (CD BONUS) House of Prayer
12. 願你榮耀國度降臨 4'22"  Your Glorious Kingdom
13. 彈琴歌唱讚美你 5'10"  Praise Him!
14. 展開清晨的翅膀 (POP 版) 3'35" (CD BONUS)  Wings of the Dawn (POP version)
15. 復興聖潔 (粵語版) 3'38" (CD BONUS)  Revive Holiness (Cantonese version)
長達: 73.22 分鐘
出版日期: 七月 2002

Price: $15.00 (CD)

Price: $8.00 (Cassette Tape)

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