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17 songs

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Wonderful Creator



(CD or tape)

We invite you to worship with us; it is the generation of God's revivals. Our prayer is to see life being changed, God's people unite as one to give God's His Glory. He is the God that created you and me, He is the God that granted us life. We offer a heart of thanksgiving to sing His everlasting love, to lift His name on high and to pass on His miraculous wonders. We pray that God will use album to touch you, take you close to His heart. May His Kingdom Come, His Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.
1. 全能的創造主 5'20''

    Wonderful Creator

2. 永活全能的神 2'36"

   Almighty Living God

3. 復興的火 3'46''

    Fire of Revival

4. 獻上自己為祭 4'22"

   Offer Myself As a Sacrifice

5. 復興的火 1'43"

   Fire of Revival

6. 主,懇求你 1'23"

   Lord, Guide Me

7. 求你仰起臉來 5'01"

  Let the Light of Your Face

8. 主,懇求你 1'23"

  Lord, Guide Me - Reprise

9. 願你國降臨 3'04"

  Your Kingdom Come

10. 我心要稱謝耶和華 4'50"

   My Heart Will Praise the Lord

11. 雲上太陽 4'43" 

    Sun Above the Clouds

12. 傾聽我的心 6'12"

    Listen To My Heart

13. 常常喜樂 4'02"

    Rejoice Always

14. 專心仰望耶穌 4'01"

   Focus on Jesus

15. 黑暗中的光芒 (序) 2'28"

   Light In the Darkness (Intro)

16. 黑暗中的光芒 2'59"

   Light In the Darkness

17. 願你國降臨 2'37"

   Your Kingdom Come

長達: 63.39 分鐘
出版日期: 七月 2001


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