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12 songs






You Are a Faithful God



(Taiwanese CD)

耶和華的祝福滿滿的澆灌下來,今年 神使用我們做祂的器皿,做了一個新的嘗試。這是我們的第一張台語專輯,我們使用了親切的台語,唱出了 神的信實。

2001 讚美之泉台語創作,希望您會喜歡。

Jehovah's Blessings are abundant. Praise Him, this is our first Taiwanese album. We have the calling to minister to the Taiwanese speaking through this production. We pray you will experience His faithfulness through our music.

1. 耶和華祝福滿滿
(2001 絃樂版) 5'20''

  Jehovah's Blessings Abound

2. 我的上帝我的王 2'36"

  My God, My King

3. 讚美耶和華 3'46''

  Praise the Lord

4. 凡若依靠耶和華 4'22"

   All Who Depends on the Lord

5. 我和我的家 1'43"

   As for Me and My House

6. 你是信實的上帝 1'23"

   You Are a Faithful God

7. 我要仰望耶和華 5'01"

   I Will Look to the Lord

8. 從日出到日落 1'23"

    From Sunrise to Sunset

9. 耶穌你疼我 3'04"

   Jesus Loves Me

10. 主啊,我要跟隨你 4'50"

   Lord, I Want to Follow You

11. 平安的七月夜
(2001 靜思版) 4'43"

   Peaceful July

12. 耶穌 ,全地的主 6'12"

   Jesus, Lord of All

長達: 60.39 分鐘
出版日期: 七月 2001


Price: $15.00 (CD)

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